What You Need to get Started

Everything You Need

There are a few things you need before we get started on your credit

Financial Report

Analysis - Credit Report

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Accountant at Work

Last Steps

You will need a credit report from all 3 bureaus. The best way to get these is to sign up for a PAID IdentityIQ.com account or Experian.com. You will not have access to all 3 reports with the free version. Either of these work and both have apps. This is how your credit is  analyzed and also allows you to keep track of our progress.

Next you can sign up for the FREE credit karma  app. This option is available as an additional resource when tracking our progress. This will show you what is coming off of your report and will alert you to any updates. Credit Karma has a bit of a lag behind the paid versions but is still effective. Remember check around the 45 day mark for progress.

Lastly, Ill give you some other instructions on tasks that need to be done before we start. All of these are extremely important to getting items corrected.